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Concr is powering precision oncology through its data-focused solution by enabling more effective discovery and novel usage of cancer biomarkers.


Ben’s authentic and genuine desire to transform care of cancer patients was evident in our first meeting. He devoted time to grasp our technology and its diverse uses - a challenge, given its intersection between astrophysics and medicine! It is a privilege to work with partners who meaningfully invest not just capital, but also time, energy and expertise into realising your vision, and we’re delighted to have found such a partner in Oncology Ventures.

— Irina Babina, CEO


Gabbi seeks to make all late-stage breast cancer obsolete by providing women with the opportunity to understand their risk of developing breast cancer and enabling them to take proactive action for their next steps of care.

As a cancer survivor himself, Ben Freeberg brings the patient perspective & years of industry expertise to the table. With over 40 investors, I am continually impressed by Ben's work ethic and dedication to his portfolio companies. Ben is often the first to respond to an ask, always circles back, and meaningfully mobilizes his resources to help us move the needle forward. 

- Kaitlin Christine, CEO


Health Universe is an open-source platform for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning developers in healthcare. As a community, they provide state-of-the-art statistical models to researchers, drug developers, health policy analysts, and clinicians at the point of care to enhance outcomes and save costs.


Any founder would be tremendously lucky to have Ben and his team in their corner. Their humanity, humility, and commitment to making a difference set them apart from typical capital partners. From the very first meeting, it was clear Oncology Ventures was going to take the time to truly understand our vision, connect the dots, and to support us in any way they could.

— Dan Caron, Founder, CEO


IgniteData is transforming the way hospitals and research sites transfer patient data for clinical trials


IgniteData is extremely excited to be part of the OV portfolio of companies!  The industry knowledge and expertise on the digital side of healthcare and life sciences is unparalleled from the direct team to the fund advisors and LPs.  Success in this space is a combination of understanding value drivers and being connected with the correct buyers, which OV has the capabilities to provide across the ecosystem.

— Zach Taft, CEO


OncoveryCare is the first virtual survivorship clinic delivering comprehensive, whole-person care to cancer survivors. As the population of survivors grows rapidly alongside advances in medicine, OncoveryCare is here to provide the personalized, longitudinal care that survivors need to lead happier, healthier lives.


We are thrilled to be partnering with Oncology Ventures on our mission to help cancer survivors live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Ben brings a very unique perspective on innovation in the oncology space due to his background as an investor, operator, and fellow cancer survivor—and we are so looking forward to working together.

— Hil Moss, Founder, CEO


Reimagine Care is the nation's leading provider of virtual-first cancer care. They integrate clinical oncology experts and robust, enabling technologies to deliver a high-touch, individualized cancer treatment and recovery experience from home.


We are excited and honored to share the news of this investment from Oncology Ventures, an organization that joins in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation. This collaboration aligns with our goal of seeking out partners that prioritize the well-being of patients, including accessibility and overall satisfaction of care. We believe this investment will make a meaningful impact on the way cancer care is experienced, from both a patient and a physician perspective

— Dan Nardi, CEO

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